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Meet The Travel Family

Where is ‘home’,home has become where ever my family is. So for the past 4 years it‘s been China.

Here‘s my family and their travel stories

Ayla: Our youngest member, she will be two soon. She was born in China and before her first birthday she had been, to 3 continents, 4 counties, done 4 long haul flights, seen Rhino, Lion, snow, Table Mountain, walked with Zebra and been in lockdown for over a year.

Next is Zoe. She was born in the UK and will be 4 soon. She done 22 long haul flights, gone to pre-school in China, South Africa and England. Been on the Great Wall of China and in The Forbidden City twice, played on the beach with penguins, see the big 5 and done beach, bush and snow all in a row. She is a true little traveller

Me (Mom): I’m Pam-Kelly, Born in Zimbabwe, educated in SA, went to college in London.

I have travelled to 29 countries. Road tripped through out Southern Africa, backpacked through Thailand, scuba dived in Madagascar, toboganned down the Great Wall of China and now travelled a lot between China, South Africa and England, with our two kids.

Dave, my husband has travelled to 41 countries for work and leisure. Lived Zimbabwe, Brazil, China, England and India. He has travelled extensively throughout mainland China and travelled to 6 different continents

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