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Great Wall Of China

Updated: Apr 29

You can’t go to China and not see the Great Wall Of China.

Even if you only have a day in Beijing, get a taxi and head to Mutianyu. You don’t need a guide or a tour group.

Ask to go to Mutianyu : 慕田峪; Mutianyu is a section of the Great Wall of China located in Huairou District about 70 kilometres northeast of Beijing city centre

This section is popular will overseas visitors, its quite and rarely has ques. It’s easy to access. There are buses that will transport you from the car park, up to the shops at the bottom of the wall. There are different restaurants, a Burger King and curio shops.

When you book your tickets, you will need to book for the bus, the open or close cable car and the toboggan.

Just after the shops, there are signs to the cable cars. The closed cable cars are a bit further up. Once at the top there is a bit of a walk and quite a few steps. I would say low/medium fitness is needed. But maybe a bit challenging for someone with any walking displacements.

If you take the open cable cars there’s only a few steps at the top to get onto the wall. It a a lot easier. Very low fitness level is needed. I managed to go up the cable cart with my baby in the baby carrier. There is also a small cafe at the top, just off the wall. The Toboggan is situated at top by the open cable car side.

If you want to do about a half day hike. You can take the closed cable car up, walk along the wall to the open car, high fitness level is needed. Remember to wear correct walking, hiking shoes, the steps are very narrow and steep.

If you decide to be very adventurousness you can then go down via the toboggan, yes toboggan down the Great Wall of China.

Yes- that’s me!!! Tobbogganing down the Great Wall of China in -10‘c

Please keep in mind, Beijing has a dramatic change in temperature.

Winter can reach -15’c and summer can get up to 40’c and humid.

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